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The rallystyle fairing for the XChallenge

Of this fairing, that was originally conceived in Lituvania **, we now do a copy produced in The Netherlands to our high quality standards. Fabricated out of fully "hand lay-up" glassfibre with a full inner layer of carbon/kevlar, impregnated with a special tough resin, to give it more strength

4 mm stainless steel clamping brackets, bolted to the headstock, firmly support the "tower" fabricated from 3 mm aluminium alloy

The whole setup has been designed to house 2 FX-R 1.1 (70 mm) Bixenon/HID projectors (copy Infinity Accura), famous for their great light image in the retrofit world
We advise the use of 2 x 35W because of the somewhat smallish 280W generator on the XChallenge

Of course other projectors (up to 90 mm diameter) can be mounted, for which an optional blind mounting plate with just 2 small centre holes is available

If preferred the ignition switch can remain in it's original position

Also an optional dashboard has been developed which provides room for the speedo-unit, ignition switch, switches, accessory contacts a.s.o.
The straight edge at the top has the option to mount a gps unit

At request the same kind of setup can be fabricated to house a roadbook and it's accessories

The fairing, mounting bracket-kit, dashboard and lighting set can be ordered separately

Since we're not a serial manufacturer, but are specialised in client-specific solutions, you can always ask us for specific wishes within this basic concept



Prices                                                                                                       Excl. 21% VAT            Incl. 21% VAT
                                                                                      Shipping to:        outside EEC               within EEC

Fairing                                                                                                         € 245,00                      € 296,45

Mounting bracket kit (compl. with all brackets,                                    € 400,00                      € 484,00
projector mounting plate and fasteners)

Optional dashboard  in 3 versions:                                                          62,50                        € 75,63
- Blind
- With recesses for the speedo unit
- With recesses for the speedo unit and ignition switch

Set (2) FX-R 1.1 projectors, compl. with                                               € 268,60                       €325,00
35W slim ballasts, bulbs and wiring*

Optionally we can also deliver a wired-in diode for proper functioning of the high-beam system

* The lighting set comes "as is" from HID50.com. The projectors are originally developed for use in
   sealed car units and not fully sealed against moist and dust.
   It's up to the buyer/Installer to seal the units properly with f.i. silicone or polymer sealant



 ** footnote to the copying of the fairing
Our fairings come licensed by and with agreement of the supplier of the original model (www.motorcyclerallyfairings.com)
Since the adaptations to the model itself are minor, the original Lituvanian fairing will fit our bracket also





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