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A friend and adventure motorcyclist asked for a solution for the restricted range of the BMW G650XChallenge

This has resulted in the development of the Xtank. With a capacity of over 6,5 liters it gives a minimum range of 300 / 350 kms (185 / 215 miles). A nice feeling in the middle of the desert

The Xtank is fabricated from 2mm sheetaluminium pressed shells and has proved sturdy and strong enough by now to be able to survive the harsh rally and adventure environment.
The 4-point attachments with vibrationdampers form a strong triangular connection to the subframe, to avoid extreme point loads on this part.

Lots of thinking went into the way the fuel is passed on into the main tank. The solution we found implies that the Xtank is emptied first, so the extra weight at the rear disappears first. Another advantage of our system is that the fuel line is connected to the breather valve of the main tank. So no drilling holes in the main tank or whatsoever.

The tank comes as a complete kit, with tankcap, mounting materials and full instructions

Assembly is Plug and Play: four allen bolts and a fuel line

Additionally, besides having our company logo pressed in at the outside, the tank is engraved with a serial number that corresponds with the pressure test certificate that comes with it. This to enable entering the tank in the bikes papers at f.i. the German TüV

Nett weight ≈ 2 kg (4.4 lbs)   Fully loaded ≈ 7,5 kg (16.5 lbs)

For those that want maximum range we do XL-versions at request, up to 40 mm wider (35 mm in combination with our luggagerack)
A strip is then welded in between the two pressed halves
It looks a little less neat than the stock one, since the strip always tends to deform a bit at welding and there are 2 weld seams, but this has no effect on the structure of course.
The extra volume is 0,8 litre per 10 mm wider

Please mention if your rear subframe is another than the original alloy one
Because the steel subframes use M8 bolts instead of M6 for the upper mount
In addition to that, the Touratech steel subframe's mounting points have not the same center distance as the original BMW frame. The Xtank's mounting holes are therefore specially adapted for these frames



Price:                                                      € 493,15       incl. VAT
Surcharge XL                                       €   60,50
Surcharge lockable tankcap            €   24,20  

Shipping and handling charges:
The Netherlands:                                 €  12,50
Europe :                                                  €  30,00 - 35,00 (depending on country)
Outside Europe:                                    € 43,50

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Prices for export outside EEC, delivery terms: free delivered, uncleared:

Xtank:                                                   € 407,56
Surcharge XL                                     €   50,00
Surcharge lockable tankcap          €   20,00

Shipping incl. export clearance:     €  43,50

import clearance charges and import duties and taxes are to be paid by and are the responsability of the buyer.



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Mounting instructions (pdf-format)