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  At last available, our bracket kit to fix the BMW F800GS front fender to the XChallenge

Headstock mounted fairings don't comply with the standard high fender of the XChallenge.

So either an aftermarket high or low fender has to be mounted

For those who take the risk of clogging up with clay for granted, we've designed a set of stainless steel brackets that will allow the front fender of the BMW F800GS to be mounted.

They come, of course as a full kit with all the extra mounting hardware needed

Fenders can be obtained through us or (probably more logically) from your local BMW dealer.

Necessary part numbers are the following:

Fender p/n 46 61 7694993
Brakeline covers/set p/n 46 61 7716309 

Price Fender bracket kit shipping within the EEC:      € 99,95  incl. VAT  

Shipping charges:                                                                 
The Netherlands:                                                                € 5,00 standard mail, € 13,00 registered mail

Europe :                                                                                € 12,50 standard mail, € 17,50 registered mail

Prices for export outside EEC, delivery terms: free delivered, uncleared:

Fender bracket kit:                                                             € 87,50

10,00 standard mail, € 20,00 registered mail

Local import clearance charges and import duties and taxes are to be paid by and are the responsability of the buyer


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